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Scanner Integration

Scanner Workflow

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Integration Timeline

Preparation Call

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1st Coaching Call

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Training Office

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2nd Coaching Call

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Practical Tips

1.    Add charge code for scan to EMR
2.    Add appointment type for rescan
3.    Add field in EMR to record scan score


1.    Expectations – Don’t withhold care from the people that do want help because others don’t.  You can’t help those that don’t want help.  The teacher arrives when the student is ready.
     •    50% of people don’t care
     •    25% will take your recommendation almost immediately.
     •    25% will want to think about it and finish their current supplements.
2.    Listen more, talk less
3.    Be conversational and not salesy
4.    Don’t force the scan if the person isn’t interested
5.    Focus on the people that are interested in improving
6.    Don’t expect people to be able to optimize their score with diet alone.  Most people will not radically change their diet enough. Therefore it is prudent to encourage them to eat healthier and take Lifepak/Youth.  Do not set up false expectations that they will get into the blue without some help from Lifepak/Youth.


1.    What if someone scores over 40,000?  This is a great starting point, you’re in the top 6% and are obviously doing some things right. However, you’re probably not eating perfectly every day, right?  If you want to take yourself to the next level, you can add lifepak and ageLOC Youth.

2.    What if someone score is over 50,000?  Wow, you’re in the top 1%, you must be eating a lot of fruit and vegetables.  Tell me what you’r e doing?  ………
I’m not concerned about your antioxidant score.  Would you like to take your health to the next level?  Recommend ageLOC Youth.

3.     What if someone scores very poor?   These people may get upset so you want to empower them.  The good news is that this is something that we can improve within 2 months.  We have been able to get people with your score into the green or blue zone.  Recommend Lifepak or ageLOC Youth.

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