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How to Place Orders

Using the Order Form

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1.  Fill out entire order form including patient scan number and score

2.  Go to your mysite (ex. and select product and checkout. 


3.  If patient agrees to 90 day product experience make sure to click on ADR(Automatic Delivery Rewards) and add their scan number.


4..  Place order

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The most convenient way for you to ensure that you never run out of your favorite products each month is to sign up on ADR. The program also offers you the following benefits:

• Products delivered to your doorstep every month
• Manage your account online 24/7
• Earn product points with each monthly delivery.
• Redeem ADR points for products, ADR shipping, specified sales aids and events.

• Earn 20% back in rewards every month in the first year and 30% after the first year.

1. Search the record in the S3 App to find the customer.
2. Tap the ReScan Icon. This will only be accessible if the patient is on a active  ADR for a skin carotenoid score (SCS) certified product and they have a scan number number associated with their ADR.
3. There is a rescan bonus of $8 that’s paid to the scanner leasee every time   you rescan. This can be done 1x/month and doesn’t use a
scan credit.
NOTE: If this Icon is grayed out, it’s because:
      1. their ADR isn’t scheduled to ship this month
      2. they have already been rescanned this month
      3. they don’t have a scan card number associated with their ADR – this can be fixed by either logging into their account and
adding it or calling 800-487-1000 to add it.

Celebrate and Fix

Use the Wellness Scorecard

Scanner Integration and Scanner Operator
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