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The Biophotonic Scanner was developed at the University of Utah Optics Department with a grant from the National Institute of Health.  Originally the size of a ping pong table, the original technology took 45 minutes to warm up and calibrate.  Patient scans took 5 minutes and patients needed to visit the University of Utah.  After purchasing the medical rights to the technology Pharmanex has spent over 100 million dollars further developing the device to the portable, cost effective, and efficient S3 Biophotonic Scanner which is it's current version.

The S3 Scanner currently runs on a battery, links to an iPad through bluetooth, and provides a score in 30 seconds through the skin on the palm of the hand.  This technology won both the American Business Award in 2005 and the Big Innovation Award in 2015.

Scanner Integration and Scanner Operator

• Over 90 published studies
• Funded by the NIH
• 94% initial failure rate
• 99% success rate with Pharmanex
• Over 2500 devices in the USA

Dr. OZ and Dr. Lee Segment

Company Website-Additional Information
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